It has been a long time, but we have lots of new designs rolling out this month and I would love to share them with you. Truth be told, we are having some growing pains. It's mostly the area we live in, Silicon Valley. It's expensive to grow, so we are trying to figure out next steps and constantly rearranging the little space we have. I really hate having work and inventory creep into the apartment and take over and I have been pretty good at constantly reorganizing the inventory room in the basement, but there will be a breaking point. If there is anything I have learned with running a small business, it's you have to be damn resourceful, but you also have to take risks. With that, we will see what happens in the next year. 

In other news, I am celebrating one of my favorite places in the U.S., the beautiful state of Hawaii. You can now find it in the shop in both singles and six packs. 

And how cool is this record cover I picked up the other day at an estate sale? Check out that gorgeous overprinting. Dramatic, right? We are somehow ending up with a small collection of Hawaiian melodies in the hopes if we ever do have a larger space, we can throw a couple of these on the record player and mix up some rum runners for friends. Maybe even bust out the ukulele I got for Christmas and knock out some songs. (More on the uke later.) Dream big, right?