américa del sur

My brain moves so fast, that if one thing does not work out, It's already dusted under the rug and I am on to the next thing. For example, I had my heart set on going to Japan, but when things didn't work out, I gathered my thoughts and switched to the next trip on the list, vibrant South America.

1. Vintage Peru Poster | 2. Vintage Matchbox | 3. Mary Blair | 4. Los Ultimos Endless Letterpress

I started really thinking about South American recently while learning Spanish and from a recent trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. At the museum, there is a dedicated section about Disney in South America. Currently, there is a Mary Blair Exhibit and I plan on returning to hopefully see some of the art she created when she traveled with the Disney entourage to South America. I am also interested in Los Ultimos, an independent documentary about letterpress printing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I often wonder about presses in other countries, especially Eastern Europe and Latin America. You know they exist and were probably printing out small and underground papers for a long time. I wonder how many are still in use.

South America encompasses everything I would would in a trip: a kaleidoscope of colors, a strong sense of design, hiking, good eats, adventure, and a vibrant culture. Plus, I could practice my very poor Spanish. I'll just add that to the list that keeps growing: Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Japan... Can't we just travel ALL the time?