Ojai Escape

After a busy past few months full of freelance and the holiday rush, I decided to take a little break the past two weeks. And by break I mean, doing some work here and there, but mostly reading an entire book, catching up on sleep, watching Netflix, and sketching. At point, Andrew and I sat down to map out 2014 and both realized it was going to be busier than 2013. (Luckily, he had also taken time off, and now that he is back at work I miss having him around.) Having both our families on opposite ends of the country, it was nice to not have to travel this holiday. Especially with the weather the Midwest and Northeast have been having.


We were able to escape down south for a few days and picked Ojai as a destination because of the hiking, the peacefulness of the town, and the climate. Well, and maybe to stay in the Ojai Rancho Inn, which was a bohemian hideout full of inspiration and relaxation. I am totally a small hotel kind of girl from previous posts. Oh, and you can rent their bikes! There is a trail behind the hotel to walk, run, or bike if you would rather avoid the main drag. We have decided to make a pilgrimage to Ojai at least once a year and stay at the Ojai Rancho Inn. Can't I just live there?

There are several trails to hike in the area, but we decided on the Horn Canyon trail for it's difficulty and time. The hike took us three and half hours; two hours uphill and an hour and a half down hill. The uphill climb is worth the work. From the photo above, you can make out Ojai Valley and a little piece of the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. We figured we can save other hikes for our next trip.

On the final day, we were able to pop in a few shops. I loved Modern Folk. It's a beautifully curated boutique. Drew even found himself a little guy gift. For months I've been drooling over Kat and Roger Ceramics. I was pretty psyched when Modern Folk had a Kat and Roger planter. Modern Folk also carries Heath Ceramics, another fav of mine. It fits perfectly in our smattering of vintage, new, and handmade apartment. Looking forward to gathering more pieces! Maybe next time we take a trip back to Ojai.


I also recommend wine tasting and olive oil tasting. Some of the wine tasting places are even within walking distance of the Ojai Rancho Inn. We especially liked wine tasting at Ojai Vineyard and also the Old Creek Ranch, a short drive in Ventura. Don't miss am olive oil tasting at the family owned Ojai Olive Oil. The last stop we made before heading back north was to Desert Images a short drive outside of Ojai. As a midwest born and raised girl, I can't get enough of palm trees or cacti. We ended up coming home with a small cactus and I hope its not in too much shock after leaving beautiful Southern California.

We enjoyed our California stay-cation to the last drop! I am dreaming of our next Ojai vacation already. No matter how short the trip, it is always nice to get away and recharge. Happy 2014!