Hello, blog!

Hot off the press! Alright, we are really gettin' the ball moving now that the blog is FINALLY up! The past two years have been a disorganized mess around here. First, I started with a web domain that I wasn't quite sure about. Decision making happens well into the night when my brain is functioning at about 15%, so the name did not dawn on me until later. "But I wanted paperparasolpress, no paperparasol.net!" When I realized I no longer wanted this web domain I already wanted to redesign the website anyhow. Then, it was getting a line together - as I teetered back and forth between screen printing and letterpress printing. Being a pretty lousy screen printer, I chose the later.

A little background: I tend to gravitate towards things that seem to be going out of fashion (or, a revival among certain groups) or are not the most conventional ways to make a living.  "That is a dying art - study graphic design," "Is it really worth it? All that work?" Was it worth majoring in Illustration and going to an art school? Was it worth buying an 80-year old, one ton machine? Yes, because I am able to combine the two things I love: illustration and letterpress. The two make a happy marriage and with the technology of making polymer plates, I am able to translate my illustrations to the press without much complaint.

I hope to share my love of both letterpress and illustration on this blog. It can't wait to pack it with inspiration, process, ideas, and even a little frustation when need be, but for the most part, there is already enough negative stuff out there, so this will act as a happy place. Visit back for art giveaways as well! If you cant' wait 'till then, visit our online shop.

cheers and thanks for reading!