Monday Favorites - Vintage Finds

I love hunting for vintage treasures and finds. After moving across the country twice, I am starting to have the will power to be able to step back and ask, "Do I really need this?" I especially love vintage kitchen pieces and retro lamps, both which I do not have room for at the moment. Because of this, I have decided to open up a vintage shop, Paper Parasol Vintage. Easy enough to remember? There already seems to be a lot of orange in the shop! Paper Parasol Vintage Here are some pieces you can find on my etsy site, including a brillant vintage Deka Plastics Lotus Pattern Bowl, retro bangles, and a glass Ball Mason Jar. The Deka plastic bowl is interesting. I knew the plastic versions of the poplar Catherineholm bowls were out there, but I had never seen one out in the wild. My favorite thing is researching these pieces. I had no idea Ball Mason jars had so many logos. It makes it easy to pinpoint the dates of a mason jar. You can check out their logos here.