Home Sweet Home Chicago

I traveled back to my hometown for 2 1/2 weeks for the Bucktown Arts Fest and the Renegade Craft Fair. It was so nice being back to catch some of the Midwest summer. There's just something about the clouds, the clarity of the landscape, and the heat that I miss. Both art shows were fantastic and it was wonderful seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. The customers at these art shows are really the greatest.

Cloud Gate Chicago | Paper Parasol Press

I stayed in my old neighborhood, Lincoln Square, where you can often hear live music playing from apartments and kids playing on the sidewalk. The neighborhood feels very European and maybe it's the actual Square with the fountain. Or, the amazing German bars. One cannot visit the Square without a stop at Merz Apothecary (138 years old!) or filling up on German cuisine at the Brauhaus. And then there is the Thai food! It's A+ and often the restaurants are BYOB. It's truly a magical neighborhood. For seven years, this was my home. I never even got to take classes the Old Town School of Music. I never had time working two jobs. Now when I visit, I finally get to enjoy it.

Lincoln Square Chicago | Paper Parasol Press

I didn't get a chance to take many photos at Bucktown, but I did at Renegade! Our neighbors were Orange Beautiful, Craftbelly, and Apapash.

Renegade Craft Fair Chicago | Paper Parasol Press Left, Apapash terrariums and Craftbelly frames | Right, Orange Beautiful paper goodies.

I shared a tent with Michelle of Michelle Starbuck Designs. Swooooon! I love, love her jewelry!

Michelle Starbuck Design | Paper Parasol Press

Overall, a great trip. It was hard leaving this time, but always good to come back to home to California. I have a good diverse group there. It's like salt of the earth people. That's how the Midwest rolls.