Fun and Game Fonts

If you ever happen on San Francisco near Pier 39 to see the seals (or, what seals decided to stay), walk a few piers down to Pier 45 at Fisherman's Wharf. Grab a calm chowder in a bread bowl on the way. Oh, and be sure your pockets are filled with quarters because at Pier 45 you will find Musee Mechanique (careful, the website contains creepy cackling!). I've been here twice two years in a row to marvel at the turn of the century coin operated machines. There's this certain nostalgia that swells inside me, even though I grew up with game systems. Nothing beats the quarter machines or when you're little, the constant begging to borrow a quarter from the parents for a few minutes of gratification. Besides the plethora of games and images from days past, there are some amazing fonts. Here are some of my favorites:

FunGamesFont_2 Reminds me of the font Budmo, but so much better. I love the colors and the wood grain! Who doesn't want their palm read for a mere 50 cents?

FunGamesFont_1 Love the script of the company's name on this pin ball machine. As always, the classic sans-serif, is clean, modern, and wonderful.

FunGamesFont_3 Yum on the kerning of this vintage photobooth. How about that Western-inspired font, EYE LEVEL ?

FunGamesFont_4 The Inquest is one of my favorites at the museum. The buffalo really don't do much except shake their heads, but the entire oddity of it fascinates me. Yes, that is a dead person under them - WEIRD, huh? I LOVE it.