A little Illinois

I think wherever a person is from he or she carries a love/hate relationship with the place. In my case, I tend to carry it with me everywhere. When I am away, I start to miss Chicago, but while I am here I long for so many other places. I'm just a restless soul and I think most of us are. Maybe this is why I've gotten so many request to do a few states from one person. West Virginia and Florida? Texas and California please! Indiana and what about South Carolina? It a mobile, ever moving world, why stay put? Why not belong to one or two places? Heck, give me three places to call home! IllinoisBlog_1 Illinois, Meet Me in the Middle / 11 x 14 three color letterpress print on 140lb paper printed on a Vandercook #3

This guy is now in the shop and I will have them at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in Wicker Park in Chicago. Hope to see you there!