Illinois Print Giveaway!

* I ended up losing my comments from before, so I've decided to extend the drawing to Monday November 15th. Sorry for the inconvenience, as I tend to ham things once in while. I can avoid these things by drinking coffee and not working so late! I've gone back in my emails and added the comments I had lost, so you're still in the game!IllinoisBlog_1 It's high time for another giveaway. I can't leave my Illinois folk hanging, since California had a giveaway a few months ago! So here's the deal: specs: • 3 color letterpress print, hand pulled by me on a vintage Vandercook #3 • 11" x 14" in size - ready to frame • Paper made by renewable energy right here in the heartland - Mr French Paper. Paper is a 140lb speckle tone

1. List your favorite thing about our dear state, whether it be the town you live, your favorite place in Chicago, restaurant, art museum, how much you love winter... you get the point! 2. Please make sure your first name, twitter, blog, flickr, etc is listed somewhere in your comment so that I can contact you I draw the name. 3. If you happen to not live in Illinois, please write what you love about where you do live.

A name will be drawn on Monday November 15th at 9pm Central Standard Time. I will then contact the winner via social networking site of some sort for your address.

Also, be sure to visit us here: Twitter Facebook Page

What's my favorite thing about where I live: Well, I would say my back porch. It's sort of my little haven, where I can drink a beer, line dry clothes (they smell better for some reason line dried!), but my favorite thing to do is watch the planes flying into O'Hare International Airport. The path for arriving planes follows one of the main streets in the city and on a clear night you can see a line flying in right over the apartment. We often like to sit back there and wonder where the planes are coming from. We also have a wonderful bike path that runs along the rivers for miles that I love to go on. We call this a "secret path" even though plenty of people can be found playing soccer, grilling, and biking along its route. It's the simple things really!

Ready, set... go!