holiday lineup!

I am currently gearing up for a few holiday shows, which means a lot of late nights. The first show will be next weekend and it's called the The Handmade Weekend organized by Angel D'Amico-Bauer of a Ad Love. (Love her work!) It will be at 1941 W Division Street and runs both Saturday and Sunday from 11-7pm. Come on out and get a early start on your shopping - plus it's on Division, which means you can hit up all your favorite stores!The Handmade Weekend

December 4th and 5th is my favorite holiday show, the Renegade Craft Fair Chicago. I am hoping to pick up some holiday goodies here for family and friends. Renegade Craft Fair

For the last leg of holiday goodness I will be heading out to one of my favorite cities, San Francisco for Bazaar Bizarre. This is my first time doing the show and aI am looking forward to some Pacific air in these lungs! It's held at Fort Mason on the water, which is the perfect space for a craft fair.


I think next year I am going to have to try to work LA into my travel art plans. I don't do well with winter and running away is always welcoming, especially if it's California in the dead of winter. Alright kittens, back to work!