Let's run away...

I am a huge fan of running away. The truth is, there are some good anchors here in Chicago that keep me grounded. This is a two color postcard I did for Uppercase Magazine Issue #8, which is about letterpress. I am a big fan and subscriber to the magazine. Receiving it in the mail really makes my day and I recommend it to like minded creative folk. I am really glad it's taking off and doing so well. I am looking forward to seeing what treats from other letterpress printers are in my issue! Let's Runaway Postcard 4x6 letterpress postcard, printed on my Vandercook #3

Let's Runaway detail, Let's Runaway Postcard

As a New Years resolution, I am not going to take on any new custom letterpress clients this year, as much as I do enjoy it. I have decided to not bite off more than I can chew and the National Stationery Show is already nipping at my heels. The show is in mid-May and I have not even really started my new line yet and I really want to put more work into the wholesale aspect of the business. I am also determined to take a few HTML classes in the next few months and the day job has been keeping me on my toes more than anything. I also have a little gallery show at the end of 2011 and really want to do some fine art letterpress prints for it. I want to enjoy 2011 and start taking care of myself. The past few years have been really packed and the only time I ever had a break was when I left the country, which is probably why I like leaving the States so much - it's my only reprieve from my long days. My lifeboat can't always be my passport; Although, that does sound nice! If my situation does change, as the world is always throwing things unexpectedly at one these days, I may find myself with more time. Until then, I will continue to keep in mind a good night's sleep, taking care of myself, and spending the time with the people I care about. Life is too short!