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Deep in the heart of Texas! *clap clap clap* TexasMapWP_1 Texas, Deep in the Heart / 11x14 3 color letterpress print

Texas Map Detail detail

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This may very well be the most fun of the maps - the icons for Texas are endless! I have only been to Texas once for a whirlwind one night trip from Chicago to Dallas. It was for a design meeting in October a few years ago. I didn't get to see much or experience how I would have liked to experience Texas for the first time. Instead of going to some BBQ joint drinking beers and margaritas, we ended up at a chain restaurant. Therefore, I would like to pretend I have never been, so that I can try it again. Everyone always says I would like Austin. Maybe one day, I've always wanted to go to South by Southwest.

This print is #3 in a series of prints inspired by vintage road maps and road trips. It's always good to hit the road in the US of A. #1 California #2 Illinois

If you would like to see your state made into a poster, please comment with your email. I may have to take a break from the maps till the National Stationery Show is over, but I am planning to get to: Florida, New York, and Michigan this year.