Hot off the Press for 2011!

Over the next few weeks I am going to be packing my Etsy with lots of new cards. Here is just the start! All are hand pulled on my Vandercook #3. 028_MovingOnupCongrats_3 Arcade Houses Congratulations Card

026LionPhoto_1 Lion and Shield Happy Birthday Card

028_RideOnHB_1 Bicycle Lady Happy Birthday Card

008_ModernThankYou_1 Modern Thank You

My Mac keeps telling me, "scratch discs almost full," and to any other Mac user - why can't I invest in a new one? Is it because: a. it's so much money b. I am going to miss this ol' one? c. desktop or laptop? I've always been a desktop gal, but a laptop has been pulling on my heat strings. I think it's more of the money thing. Yikes. Better start saving my nickles and dimes and dollars.

Back to scoring cards as it thunderstorms outside. More new cards coming soon!