Palm Springs Weekend

a little peice of vaction For Easter weekend (seems like ages ago!) I went to visit a good college friend from my Ringling College of Art + Design days, Bret Iwan. He currently resides in Los Angeles, but we felt the need to get out of dodge even further and head to Palm Springs. I visited Palm Springs nine years ago, but it was a super brief trip. This time, we made sure to squeeze in a lot of relaxing. We stayed at the Hideaway, part of the Orbit In. I died and went to mid-century heaven there - Eames, Bertoia, and McCobb! We hiked in the San Jacinto Mountains, (hiking is the best!), sunbathed, ate, drank, swam, and bicycle around the town. I came home to a rainy Chicago and left my heart (yet again) in sunny California. It would be nice to have a place in Palm Springs one day (dream on!). If not, I can always escape to the Hideaway where I can sunbath, swim in the saltwater pool, and ride my bike along the streets of mid-century dreams!

For me, it was the perfect break before the National Stationery Show. Of course, now that I am back from that I am completely overwhelmed. I'm also stuck creatively at the moment. I know it's just a rut and I always somehow manage to pull myself out, but they are always pretty horrible when you are in one. I usually find myself in one when the weather is bad (living in Chicago, this is not easy), or when I find myself burned out, or when there are so many ideas and I don't have the time to execute them. I then find myself sort of doing things solo or being by myself a little more. Doing this allows me to sort of manage everything in my head and clear things out. I am hoping for a quick recovery from my creative slump!

(More photos from the National Stationery Show soon!)