It starts with a line...

and then goes from there. ChickenFeedSketch rough sketch screen capture of Chicken Feed Thank You Card in progress

I believe it all starts with an idea and then a sketch. After a sketch I scan in the card, clean up a few things in Photoshop and finish it off in Illustrator. Sometimes, there can be a few missing pieces, but I am comfortable enough with my Wacom tablet to finish off the drawing on the computer. This one is for my mom. Growing up in Poland, she picked mushrooms, had chickens, and is an amazing gardener. She was the inspiration behind this card. Although, she does not dress as traditional! Sketching is very important to my process. I do admit, I have been awful at carrying my sketchbook around with me these days. I recently picked up a stack of moleskin sketchbooks on sale at a store going out of business and I intend to fill each and every one of them up with doodles, thoughts, and ideas. I plan on launching a lot of new ideas and cards in the next year. Hell, maybe I should start right now!

034ChickenFeed_3 Final two color printed card

This chick is up in the shop now as a single card and a six pack.