Hit the Road...

As adults, I don't think we give ourselves enough time to really investigate and explore things. When we do find time, we take complete advantage of it! Well, I would like to hope. Traveling is my favorite way of exploring. Drew Lee and I took a road trip from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree Park, Barstow, Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. How Americana! Usually, I like getting my passport stamped when I get chance to get away from work, but this time we stayed stateside and loved every moment. Here are a few snapshots of our adventures. RoadtripOct2011_2

I also did not think I would like Las Vegas as much as I did. Vegas was the last leg of the trip and its colorful history, glutenous nature, and fun people surprised me. Leaving California is always hard for me, but this time it was a little easier driving out and knowing I will be back in about 5 weeks!


We hit Route 66 at a few points and fell in love with the character of the highway. It's so nice to take your time. I haven't had a trip in a long time where days were completely unplanned and one place led to another place. I am already planning the next adventure and hope it will come into fruition! I am also planning a few designs based off of this trip. I can't wait to start sketching all the ideas I have floating in my head! Cheers and Travel on, friends!