State Giveaway!

I realized I never did a state giveaway for Texas, Florida, or Wisconsin. How about hosting one now for all three? I am going to pick names until I pick one of each state requested. So, I will draw names until I get a request from either Texas, Florida, and Wisconsin. All together, there will be three winners. Sound good? Let's go! Here is the deal: 1. Tell me what state you are interested in: Texas, Florida, or Wisconsin 2. Tell me what you like the best about your state of choice 3. Why don't we make it more competitive and fun? If you tweet, retweet, facebook, or blog about this giveaway, I will put your name in twice. Please leave a link or twitter name in the comment section. If you add Paper Parasol Press on FB, please let me know by commenting on my Facebook page. 4. Please don't forget to link back to you blog or comment with your name/email so I can contact the winners

I will draw names at 8pm on Monday January 30th! Please don't forget to list your state of choice!

Texas Texas print, 11x14, three colors, printed on a vintage Vandercook #3 on 140lb paper

Florida Florida, 11x14, three colors, printined on a Vandercook #3 on 140lb paper

Wisconsin giveaway Wisconsin, two colors, printer on a vintage Vandercook #3 on 14lp paper

My state print project is partly inspired by nostalgia road trips, Americana, and vintage travel maps. As much as I love getting my ol' passport stamped, there are so many beautiful places and people within the states. Why leave, when adventures are just a drive or short plane ride away?