Home, home on the Bay..

We made it. We had the truck over the weight limit, but we made it! Leaving a great city like Chicago is bittersweet and I am definitely going to have to adjust a little to my new surroundings. I admire the creative energy and fearlessness of Californians, so I know I will love it here. Driving across the United States, you really learn how to appreciate the landscape. I often jump at any chance to leave the country, but when you start to take your time with it, you realize how much the U.S. has to offer. It's nice to have it all - deserts, forests, plains, fields... Here are some snap shots from the adventure:

Road trip from Chicago, Illinois to San Mateo, California

I finally got a chance to photograph new designs. They are now up in the Etsy Shop. shop. The first is a bridal shower card. Too often, I feel like bridal shower cards are too girly. We need more bold color designs and choices for the ladies like me, who don't really care for the pink, softness, or wedding dress cards. I prefer some nesting bowls over pink flowers! Plus, it should be for both the groom and bride. The second card is inspired by European Folk Art. I didn't know the direction I was going when I started to design this card, but playing with the colors, overprinting, and design I am happy with the result.

Wedding Shower and Folk Bird Birthday Letterpress Cards

On the computer designing: Folk Bird Birthday letterpress card process

Well, Chicago, I am going to miss you! Thanks for the great years. Chicago Collage