Inspiration from Europe

When I travel I feel like I open my eyes and senses more to the world around me. There are just more chances to get lost and feel insecure and I love it. I love every moment of my missteps, wrong turns, and trying to figure out what EVERYONE is drinking (In this case, Aperol Spritz.). This past May, I was able to sneak in a few weeks in Europe: Munich, Salzbug, Vienna, and Bratisalva. I have finally been able to go through my photos and revisit what inspired me. Font Inspiration:

Europe Inpspiration

I love the Apotheke sign, and the 'A' and the 'E' remind me of one of my favorite fonts, Neutraface. I also have a greater admiration for Gustave Klimt, after seeing his murals close up. Not only is Austria packed with amazing art, design history, and architecture, but the food is pretty amazing. We gorged ourselves with pastries, coffee, sandwiches, cheese, wine...

I have a soft spot for Eastern European Post Communist countries, so Bratislava, Slovakia was a must for me. I loved Bratislava and if you happen to be visiting Vienna, Bratislava is just a short train or boat ride away. The two capitals are very close to each other, but very different. It's interesting seeing a shift in design and Bratislava is little Communist era design mixed with charm. You can see the heavy hand of Communist design in Novy Most (New Bridge, aka UFO) and the Soviet Blocks across the Danube River. There seems to be many big plans for this lovely city and I can't wait to see how she grows. My travel partner spent his childhood behind the Iron Curtain and he was reminded of those years. I will never be able to comprehend how this must have been, but maybe that's why it's so captivating to me.

Europe 2012 Inspiration, Bratislava

All in all, it was a successful and wonderful trip. It may be a long time before we head that direction again, as our interest are now lying somewhere over the Pacific. Oh, to travel all the time! I need to get back to illustrating, as the holidays are right around the corner in the world of stationery. Back to work!