Folksy Chicago Themed Wedding Invites

I love how I met Allyson and Mike. Both currently live in Chicago, but Allyson lived in Los Angeles for a time. They bought both the Illinois and the California prints from Inkling to celebrate their multi-statehood. When they tracked me down and asked if I would design their wedding invites, I had a hard time saying no! (I prefer to concentrate on the wholesale/design aspect of the paper goods business.) When they described what the wanted and because both are so-darn-cute, I fell for their Chicago-themed idea. I also gained two friends out of the whole process and that is A+ in my book any day. Plus, it was sweet they had sought me out from Inkling, owned by an equally sweet gal! AllysonMikeWedding_1

The actual invites are printed on Crane's Lettra #110 by Rohner Letterpress. I printed the envelopes, from Paper Source, on my Vandercook #3.