2012 Holiday Show Lineup

Looks like I will be traveling up and down the coast of Cali and back to the Midwest a few times this year. Let the holiday adventures began! Holiday Lineup

Indie Mart 10.21.12 San Francisco Thee Parkside

Inkling Gallery Show, runs through end of December 11.2.12 - Opening Chicago

Patchwork 11.12.12 Long Beach Marine Stadium / Bayshore and Appian Way

DIY Trunk Show 11.17.12 Chicago Broadway Armory Park Paper Parasol Press will have goodies at the Inkling Shop Booth

Patchwork 11.18.12 Oakland Jack London Square / 98 Broadway

Craftland 11.23.12 - 12.31.12 Providence, Rhode Island

Renegade Chicago Holiday Show 12.1.12 - 12.2.12 Chicago Pulaski Field-house

Renegade San Francisco Holiday Show 12.15.12 - 12.16.12 San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center

Looking forward to ending the year with the San Francisco Renegade Holiday Show. Of course, I love going back to my hometown, of Chicago and seeing friends and family! Glad I can call two of my favorite places in the country "home."

I just got in from letterpress printing and need to attack some freelance projects before getting back to the art making. It's going to be a lot of early mornings and late nights for a girl trying to kick her coffee habit. I promise to have lots of new limited edition letterpress prints at the shows.

I could use an intern. I have had such amazing luck with my interns in Chicago, I am having a hard time starting the search again. As an intern, you will find yourself: packaging, shipping and light printing on the Vandercook. I can teach you the ropes of printing on the press. Also, helping out with art shows, which would be paid. Sure, packaging isn't the most fun thing, but it's mindless and with some music and a beer, it's not too bad. I promise. Plus, we can go on bubble tea runs! It would help if the intern lived south of San Francisco or on the Peninsula somewhere. We are within walking distance of the San Mateo CalTrain stop.