The forest is my friend.

I am in love with what my little chapter of life right now. What's that? Making art, creating, experimenting and doing this daily. Although, it may not last forever, it's so nice waking up. getting to work and keeping my hands and mind moving. Here is a sneak peak of some limited edition prints I have been busy working on, a series of limited edition prints inspired by the forest. These images will be in my upcoming gallery show, Golden Days at Inkling. Forest

Forests are very close to my heart. I grew up near a wooded area. As a kid, this is the best thing in the world. We would steal our dad's hammers and nails, and head into the woods to build tree forts. All wood was salvaged from construction sites. At the time, the area we lived in was between developed Chicago suburbs, but our pocket was just getting built up. We had lots of old buildings coming and down and new ones going up, which equaled tree house building material for us. I also grew up hearing stories from my parents of the forest they grew up in and near in Poland ranging from mushroom picking to ghost stories. My boyfriend, Drew, can also relate to the majestic forests of his native Lithuania and mushroom gathering with his grandmother. With that said, be prepared for more in the series.

I am forever thankful to be close to beautiful expanses of untouched nature. The past few weekends we went hiking around the SF Bay area and I am in love with it all. Nature was missing from my life before.

Prints are now on in my shop.