It all starts with a sketch. Sometimes, I hold onto sketches for a really long time before revisiting them and making them into something more finalized. Here are some process photos of my 8"x10" letterpress print, To Have and to Hold. To Have and to Hold Process

I usually scan the rough sketch and open it in Adobe Illustrator without doing much touching up. I feel more comfortable tweaking the sketch on the computer with my Wacom tablet and stylus. (Don't even ask me to use a mouse, I am horrible at it!) Once I am happy with an illustration, I send it out to have polymer plates made. A few days later, I receive the plates and voila! Everything is pretty easy after that, as long as the Vandercook is running smoothly.

To Have and to Hold

I have to run each color separately and each color is a different plate. On this particular limited edition print, I used Crane's Lettra. I love printing on Cranes! It's like butter. I have been riding a creative wave lately of producing lots of limited edition prints and now I need to get back into greeting card designing. The most important step for me is still the sketching part and I need to do more of it.