Home + Heart

Home. At this time, my home is also where I work. I would like to separate the two eventually, but it's nice getting a lot done. Most of my 20s were spent collecting hand me downs. The furniture and style didn't reflect who I was and I longed for the day where it could. Moving across the country helped! We donated, sold, and purged a lot of our furniture. This was our opportunity to start anew! Although our apartment is much smaller than in Chicago, we have made it work and it reflects who were are as a couple - modern, streamlined, a little retro, a little quiet, and a few pops of color. Elements of our apartment

Most of my vintage finds are from flea markets and yard sales and for cheap! Sure, sometimes a piece needs a little extra love and spray paint, but that's what makes it fun. For example, the dancing lady was just a $1. I gave her some teal spray paint and a little gold acrylic to give her life again. Now, she's the perfect piece in our kitchen. The vintage dog planter (also scored for a $1.00 at a church sale in my old neighborhood in Chicago), was a fun find and it sits on a vintage tray of Illinois I found on Etsy. I am a big fan of cartology and vintage souvenir state pieces, so when I cam across it, it was a must for me. The United States tray was a gift from a friend and I love it dearly!

Our bedroom still needs work and, of course, is taking us longer than excepted because of budgeting and trying to find the right pieces. I haven't found anything in stores lately. They just don't make furniture like they used to and as much as I love Ikea, not everything should be Ikea, although there are ways to spruce Ikea pieces up. It's also hard knowing that this is only a rental, so our next place things in this apartment may not always work out in the new apartment.