A Movin' and a Shakin'

Well, looks like Olga, my 12x18 Chandler and Price has a new friend - a Vandercook #3 from the 1950s inspected by a H.L. Keller and made right here in Chicago, Illinois! She seems very Americana too me - so, her name is Ellie Mae. Yes, I now have a hometown-er in the studio! Moving was a ran smoothly for the most part. The hardest was getting the 800lb press on these two piano dollies and rolling the press down the ramp into the truck. Once we got to my studio the challenge was rolling her up the ramp to the dock - phew. My heart was holding its place both times! Luckily, I have some pretty wonderful men in my life who helped - My dad, Drew, and my Dziadz (my grandfather). Yes, my amazing grandfather helped! Once we got back to the apartment, Drew and I needed a nap. I knew my Dziadz would be right back at work at his house in the burbs. I called him today to check up on him and it was no surprise that he did outdoor chores after the big move! As he put it, "Every day is a good day!" Which proves, that if you stay busy and young at heart, life is so much more rewarding! Here are some photos of the move: MovingEllieMae_1 left from right: The press in her downtown location in the West Loop, putting the press on the dolly, the carriage all taped up and ready to go, moving down the ramp.

MovingEllieMae_2 The new press, at home in the studio on Ravenswood, Avenue, Chicago, Illinois