City Love Series - Chicago

Chicago is my hometown and always will be! This is the second city in the series, but the first city in my heart. (Awwwww, I know!) Chicago

You can shop at the ol' Etsy for the Chicago design. I also snuck a little hot dog on the reverse side of the Chicago card. Of course I did! What do you think the first thing I seek out is when I go back to visit? Polish food and hot dogs. I also usually hitch a ride from the airport on the city's El back into the city. Chicago is famous for the elevated train and I was lucky enough to take the elevated train everyday on my commute into downtown. It's far more scenic than the subway and it really serene on a beautiful Chicago morning. When I had first started my new position at my previous job, I remember a series of days in March where winter was ending and there was a string of perfect days. The sunrises on these days were spectacular. I had to get up just a little bit earlier than the rest of the town and enjoyed my fleeting moments with the sunrise.

I really love public transit systems. The public transit is the way to a city's heart. It's the best way to experience a place, get lost, discover new places, and get a grasp of the people. I will always remember the kind and polite French school children on a subway ride in Paris and the huffy lady on a Munich transit ride. This is why you should always be kind and especially to visitors in your city. Trains, subways, and buses are always on a different beat in different places. I've even taken Los Angele's subway, which was wonderful in itself not having to look for parking in Hollywood!