Polish Design

Sure, I am Polish, (Can you tell by the last name?) but how incredible is Polish design? One of my favorite design blogs, Pan Tu Mie Stał (You were not standing here) is jam packed with great design and illustration - especially the vintage stuff. It also comes in an English version! Let us take a moment to just swooooon. In fact, I cannot wait for my Cześź t-shirt to arrive to the States! (Yeah, I couldn't help myself; I am a sucker for condensed fonts and Polish characters.)CzeszShirt

Let's look a little more at this lovely blog, shall well? Yes please on the vinyl!

With so much turmoil in the country's history, Poland has shown strength with visual design - a mix of Modern, metaphors, simplicity, the past, and keeping ahead of the curve. When I came across this vintage Polish stamp collection, it was like unearthing a visual treasure! Here are some of my favorites.

PolishStamp_CCCP Polish stamp with CCCP space program imagery. Check out that 60's rocket blasting into orbit

PolishStampBasketball These basketball ones from 1963 are nothing short of amazing. The figure hardly looks like any silhouette of a basketball player, but it has a nice graceful feminine quality to it.

PolishStamp_Liaka How wonderful is this one with Laika, the first dog the Russians sent into space? Unfortunately, she was sent up there with the known fact she would not return. Despite this, her image has graced Soviet stamps and posters. There is also a monument of her in Moscow.

PolishStamp_Mistrz1958 A small and beautifully designed mid-century stamp. My font love for this little guy is IMMENSE

PolishStamps more classical and Soviet inspired designs.

PolishStampsFolk Folk inspired stamps

PolishStamps_Olympics1964 1964 Tokyo's Olympics.

PolishStamp_Illustrations Fun illustrations with the stamps. What about those amazing mushrooms and that cat meowing... maybe crying?

For more Polish stamps, visit my vintage section on Flickr. I am hoping to pay homage to Warsaw's Wilanów Poster Museum in October. Has anyone ever been there? It looks like a place I could easily spend hours in. I think a trip to Polska is far overdue. I need some old-fashion root-searchin' and art inspiration.

Cheers and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!