Beautiful Utah

Finally getting to the Southwestern States!


I've been to Utah twice, both on drives to San Francisco from Chicago. The first time was a magical trip and we took a detour to Goblin Valley. It was one of those trips where you go with two amazing lady friends and you never want it to end. It was epic. We ended up taking Highway 50, the loneliest road in America, to get back on the path to San Francisco. It felt like a dream sequence driving through the desert midday and then crossing over into Nevada through Great Basin National Park at dusk. At the time, I was unhappily tucked away into an uncreative office job in an unappreciated position. Sometimes, you need a getaway to put life in perspective. My short time in Utah made me realize the world is far too pretty to be unhappy back home. Thanks, UT! The second time through Utah, we had a 1,000lb letterpress chasing us and I sat on pins and needles as we weaved our way around beautiful Salt Lake City.

 Hey wake up, lady... it's time for my morning walk!

Hey wake up, lady... it's time for my morning walk!

A few years ago, my friend Carissa, took a trip to Best Friends in Utah. She came back with this handsome guy, Klondike! I love Klondike. He is such a dude and has so much personality. I mean, look at those ears! A portion of all proceeds from the Utah State print sold on my website, etsy, or at craft fairs directly from me, will go Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT. He's one of my favorite canines and I am glad him and his rescued sister, Zoe, ended up at no-kill shelters.  Animal rescues and charities are close to our hearts and we appreciate all the work they do. I am looking forward to visiting and volunteering at Best Friends one day in the future! And who knows, maybe we will actually be ready to adopt by then.