Farm Inspired Wedding Invites

Wow, I meant to post this a while ago! Happy 2016, friends. 

Shortly after getting engaged, I started to think about the overall look and feel of our future wedding invitation suite. As a stationery person, the pressure was on. On our flight home from Hawaii, where we got engaged, Andrew and I brainstormed and worked on the huge guest list. It's amazing how much a budget can change your wedding. And so, it changed and changed and simplified, but it was ours and exactly what we wanted. After about a day of treading through all the frivolous stuff and researching venues (my mom all shut down) I threw in the traditional wedding towel. It's true, the wedding industry can easily become not only a money suck, but a complete time suck! Happiness ensued, the sun lifted, and I went forward with complete conviction on how Andrew and I wanted our wedding. All doubts and naysayers were brushed to the side! We wanted three things: an intimate gathering, locally sourced and good food, and charm without having to invest in things. I don't really need more things floating around or to buy more things. It then dawned on us that one of our favorite spots happened to have a loft space at their farm for dinners. Harley Farms it was! 


When we decided on the private dinner at Harley Farms, my mind started designing the invites immediately. My style tends to lean toward the lively and whimsical and I was excited to put my style to work. I usually only print two color designs, but this kept calling for three colors. And heck, since it was for me I thought: Let's go three! Believe me, for 20-something actual invites going out, this makes for a very expensive letterpress wedding suite. I would not recommend it to anyone, unless you're a designer and own your own press. At the same time, much less labor intensive with just knocking out about 30. 150 three color invites on my Vandercook would not have been as fun to print. Printing only a handful allowed me to really enjoy the actual printing process instead of breaking my back on the press.

I also knew I would struggle and take far too much time on the hand lettering, so I contacted a talented designer, Amanda Raymundo. This was actually the first thing I did and then illustrated around her lettering. I couldn't be happier with her amazing work! I added California poppies to the overall design and the state bird, the quail, to the RSVP to reflect the California coastal countryside.  

The Thank You card has a llama on it, which yes the farm does have llamas. The best known and friendliest of the llamas is Ruby. The llamas will naturally herd and protect the goats from any predators that may get past the electric fence. Important and cute animals! I was thrilled to find gold glittery heart stickers, since gold was one of the colors I wanted to add to the suite. Metallic colors do not print well on the letterpress! That's a job for screen printing or foil.


For the actual ceremony, we went to beautiful San Francisco City Hall. For this invite, since it was going out to an even smaller group of people, I went two color. I absolutely love Amanda's hand lettering on the ceremony invite. She rocked it. 

 Overall, a lovely wedding weekend with friends and family, many I never get to see. It makes you ask: Why don't we do more stuff like this? A party every few years does sound like a good plan.