Modern Home / Vintage Heart

We have a very small space. When I had discovered we were moving to the suburbs of San Francisco from the city of Chicago, I was excited at the thought of having a little more space. Well, I was wrong. It's California, where you will be paying double the price for half the size. I have been trying to pair down on my lovelies, which is why I opened my vintage shop. Of course, after I started posting pieces for sale, I decided it was a good excuse to just hit up more estate sales. But, I love the hunt!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces I have mixed in with our home.

I picked up this lovely mint Bauer vase at the Alameda Flea last year. Alameda is one of my favorite flea markets. We had the Kane County Flea Market back in Chicago and I must say, Alameda is definitely my favorite of the two. Less rusty tool booths, more vintage beaut booths. Although, Chicago also had the Vintage Bazaar.  One of my favorite days ever was the Vintage Bazaar at the Dank House in my old neighborhood of Lincoln Square. We had a good group of friends looking for loot. We all made out like bandits and it's one of my favorite memories. Everyone got what they were looking for and my good friend Hugo, Bret, Holly and I were the firsts in line! We are crazy like that.

Back to Bauer. Bauer also manufacturers Russel Wright pottery. I love Bauer's bright colors and lines. It's very LA. For some reason it makes me think of Pasadena. I love my Pinnacle vase because of the mod line work and speckled texture. I got a pretty good deal on it too at Alameda, $30.00. I am a believer you can find anything for the right price if you keep a positive attitude and are patient! When it comes to vintage pieces, it's the truth.

Where to start with Cathrineholm? Practically perfect in every way. You can find all the information your need at Cathrineholm Fan. I highly recommend going there before purchasing pieces. I would like to collect a few, as I feel they brighten up a home perfectly and the simple Scandinavian design holds up its timelessness. Plus, it just makes me happy. I definitely feel like it's harder and harder to find these in the wild, but there are tons on both Ebay and Etsy. I am coveting some bright orange pieces at the moment! Last year, I found a plastic Deka bowl at an estate sale in the neighborhood. I didn't need it, so I put it on Etsy and I was surprised at the number of buyers from Norway who were interested in it. Again, you can find all you need to know about the Deka bowl on Cathrineholm Fan.

And then there is the Franciscan Starburst Dinnerware! This screams mid-century and atomic. A few years ago I went to the California Design exhibit at the LACMA and not only did they have these beauties on display, but also the Metlox Freeform Dinnerware set, which is pretty fun. I've decided to part from my Franciscan collection, just holding onto the small berry bowls. These guys are for sale in my vintage shop.

I am a firm believer of surrounding yourself with objects that make you happy and I have learned to not nickle and dime, but to save for the statement pieces. Happy vintage hunting!