Sweet & Tough

Sweet as Sugar South Carolina and Tough As Nails New Jersey are both completed and up in the shop


I really enjoyed designing and printing these two. I have fond memories of both places. South Carolina for Myrtle Beach trips as a child and New Jersey for that Thanksgiving in 2004. I remember waking up with the band Air playing and my friend excitedly announcing, "We are in New Jersey!" Now every time I hear that particular song I am nostalgic for that time and place in my life. It's strange thinking about places you have been with certain people in your life and how you may never be back in that exact place with that person/persons. I will probably never have a family trip to Myrtle Beach again with my parents or brothers or a New Jersey road trip with the perfect post-college crisis friend. Just thinking about these people makes me miss them all greatly. But that's the thing, you keep pressing on and moving forward and creating new experiences.